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July 12, 2015

Amazing care in your work. First time getting George groomed with you guys and now we will always be coming back. Also very much appreciate all the advice to my questions. THANK YOU. You guys are great. Wonderful job and care. I'm glad it shows.



June 08, 2015

A lovely couple who handled and groomed our little Maltese to perfection. We will definitely be back!



April 04, 2015

My Ozzy looks so great! His long hair needed some extra attention and the groomer was done within 30 minutes! Will be back with my little guy in the future. Thank you.



March 26, 2015

The Best Dog Grooming in town!! I have been taking my dogs here for years. Just like Family right when you walk in the Door. Very Courteous People, & do an excellent job!! Highly Recommend



February 11, 2015

Kenzie and I want to thank you so much for the beautiful "makeover" you gave her yesterday...She struts around like she is a Princess. Such a show off. Really, I am so happy with the shaping you did and now she is looking more like a Westie should look...or at least we are trying to get the hair to go that way...HA! I will pass along your name and word about the wonderful service. Thank you.


January 28, 2015

They're always nice and friendly every time we're there. The only place I take my Siberian Husky, Scarlett to :)



January 27, 2015

This is the second time we brought our dogs to Shear Elegance and they look and feel SO clean and cute! Layla especially. Her little face (with her piggie ears) is so adorable! Highly recommended!

Dave and Traci


January 25, 2015

We took our two ragdolls to Shear Elegance for grooming (for first time) this weekend. Sam did an absolutely amazing job on both cats .... paying special attention to their individual personalities and needs. She is 100% better than our previous cat groomer. Highly recommend Shear Elegance .... very nice people/pet friendly atmosphere. Thank you so much from Bella & Gemini!



January 22, 2015

Love, love this pet salon! So caring and your pet will be relaxed and happy when you pick him/her up. They will smell beyond wonderful and look fabulous!



January 03, 2015

My Kitty was treated like a king, and came home looking like a prince. I love this place! I was nervous as Jobie is so tiny, but Sam took excellent care of him!!!



December 8, 2014

I took 3 dogs there at the same time & was very pleased with the grooming service as well as suggestions for one of the dogs. All look & smell great. They will see them again for their next grooming. Thanks again for the great service.



September 07, 2014

Great friends and groomers!!! Treat your pets with the BEST OF CARE!!!!



September 05, 2014

Just got home and wanted to let you know that Chuck and Lucy both look great! Thank you for the wonderful grooming and service!!



June 30, 2014

They are great kind people that treat your animals great and truly care about your pets.



April 25, 2014

Great people! I've brought my dog to several groomers, and these folks are the best. Asked lots of questions about the cut, and my dog... We will definitely be back!



October 09, 2013

I love Shear Elegance! They are always professional, and have excellent pricing. Mack is always happy when he goes there and comes home - I would recommend Shear Elegance to anyone that has a pet!



July 19, 2013

I just want to say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful grooming you have done on Hobbes! You've groomed him ever since he was four months old and he always looks and smells fantastic after every appointment! I've recommended you to others and will continue to do so! Thanks!



June 15, 2013

You did an excellent job on my beagle. You run your business very professional and were knowledgeable. Can't wait to bring freckles back.



March 1, 2013

Big big huge huge THANK YOU to Sam for doing a wonderful job with my Zoey muffin a couple days ago and de-matting her fur :). She is so very happy and even more loving then before now that she is back to normal....Her brother and sister didn't much care for her right when she got home lol as if she was at the vet or something, but they are all back to loving each other and playing together and I'm just so please with the care/love/attention you gave to my girl, Zoey muffin!! Thank you again and I will be referring everyone I can to you!



February 16, 2013

Samantha did a wonderful job with a haircut on our Siberian Cat. She was knowledgeable, kind, competent and thorough. I am very happy with the service and with the facility. A great place to bring your pet!


December 18, 2012

Our dogs are 8 and 9 years old and of all the groomings they have had over the years the last two which you have done have been the very best! They look great! Thanks!



October 15, 2012

Deb is the best there is - she groomed my dog for many years and my dog could hardly wait to see her--she moved and lost contact with her. I have searched high and low for her - went to many groomers and Maggie has never had a good haircut since. I wish she would come back to the western suburbs. I truly miss her. She is fantastic. What more can I say.


September 27, 2012

This was our puppies first "real" groom. He looks great and smells even better! He was relaxed and happy when I picked him up. We made our next appointment before we left!
Thank you for the awesome service!



September 7, 2012

Picked up Carley today and once again she looked great and was happy. Deb is so gentle with Carley plus Deb has shared many facts with me that make general care with Carley's ears so much better. They are one of my best finds. You know in your heart when you have found people who care.

Thank you


July 30, 2012

I am amazed with Shear Elegance. We have tried getting our 50 pound hound mix's nails trimmed at two different vets, and tried doing it ourselves, and it was always very stressful and she usually tried to nip. I brought her to Shear Elegance, and they clipped her nails in about 2 minutes, without a peep out of our doggie! What an incredible place to have nearby!



June 16, 2012

I am a dog person by nature but S'amore, my cat, adopted me just over 2 years ago. This was her first grooming experience. After her experience today and meeting the lovely owners/groomers I wouldn't take her anywhere else. I was a very proud mom to hear she was welcome anytime and besides needing one little break did very well. Her lion cut is adorable. I can tell she feels much more comfortable. She was more flexible and able to jump a long distance with ease. She even came crawling back and purring to me once we arrived home. Thank you for the wonderful experience and information.



May 31, 2012

Buffy is so much happier and comfortable. She seems like a brand new dog! Thank you for the love and care you gave to her. She looks so great and smells good too. Thank you again!



May 21, 2012

Shear Elegance is the only place I can take Taz and he is happy to go and happy when I pick him up! We will not take him any other place. When you find a good groomer that you can trust, you need to stay with them!


March 9, 2012

Best Dog Groomers Ever!

I have two little spaniels that are somewhat fearful because they were rescue dogs. Deb is so wonderful with them. When I pick them up, they look beautiful--but best of all they are relaxed and happy! With other groomers, when I picked up my dogs they were still trembling with fear from being in the unfamiliar surroundings. I just thought that was an inevitable part of taking them to be groomed. But I was wrong--Deb has a way with them. I am so pleased. Plus, their teeth look great after getting brushed there. And, I think their new location is very nice--so sunny.


March 3, 2012

I am so pleased to have someone I can trust with my Angel. You always do a great job and Angel is always so relaxed when she returns home. My husband and I are very pleased with your services. Because my husband is disabled money is not easy to come by and you guys have made your prices low enough so that we can continue to give our family member what she deserves-The very Best!! A healthy, clean dog is a Happy Dog. You truly have a passion for what you do.
Thank You so much.



February 16, 2012

Great place! My husband and I wanted to take our dog to a groomer that wasn't a big chain store (petco, petsmart) and we stumbled across Shear Elegance by accident. The couple the owns the place is fantastic. They are so attentive to our dog and she loves going there! We recently just got another puppy so we will be adding to their business!



February 10, 2012

This place is so awesome. First, they take appts 7 days a week and they were super professional and friendly with our two dogs. One of our dogs is particularly afraid of nail clippers and the hair dryer, but they were patient enough with him not to upset him too much. Some other places we've been, our dog has tried to bite groomers who go too aggressively with either one. We've even been asked at some places not to come back because of that.

The service is fantastic and the prices a loooow. I was so surprised they groomed both our dogs, including a bath, blow dry, some trimming, furminator, and nail clip for about $45 a dog. That's around $25-30 less per dog than almost everywhere else we've been.

We will be back!!



January 13, 2012

Deb and Michael did a wonderful job with Zen. I have never taken him in for a bath and was a little nervous. But you guys knew exactly what to do to make him feel calm. He smells wonderful and was very happy to meet you guys. He will definitely be back for baths, brushing's and nail clippings. I am very glad that he has a groomer that he can trust.



October 17, 2011

My foster dog was in sad shape when I got him. Smelly and matted, he needed professional help. I brought him to Deb and Mike and they were amazing! Not only does Lumpy look like a brand new dog, but he carries himself differently! It is obvious from the moment you walk in that Mike and Deb truly care about the animals and people they serve. They've earned another loyal customer with me and I will refer everyone I know to them.



October 3, 2011

Excellent Grooming Services! - Wonderful service and definitely a reasonable price for everything they did! Made my 12 year old border collie's coat shine, like she was a puppy again!



September 7, 2011

This is the greatest place in Minnesota I have ever taken my best friend. These people are like family! I urge you to take your pet here, I promise you the cut and the experience will be a cut above the best!



July 24, 2011

Deb was very gentle and professional with my dog. She greeted me and my dog and had me fill out an info card, so she has everything on file for next time, which I appreciate. She Shampooed, clipped the nails, gave a great hair cut, and expressed the anal sacs, which were full. (Expressing the anal sacs is $10 extra, but it costs much more than that at the vet.)
The cut was adorable-at my request, she made sure that the ear hair was not hanging down so low that it would get dirty from her food dish. When she cut the outside hair on the floppy ears, she followed their natural curves. Result: very cute and very practical. I think she also brushed her teeth-they looked really good afterward.
Oh, and if I want, I can come back in 4 weeks and Deb will clip my dogs nails for only $5! She does that so that the dogs can get a regular nail trim, which is so much healthier than letting them grow too long.
I found Deb on Angie's list. I felt comfortable and welcome when I walked in with my dog (a female Cavalier King Charles spaniel who is 10 years old) and she greeted us. The place is clean and bright, nothing fancy, but it doesn't need to be. I told her about my dog's heart disease and arthritis. and felt she would be able to handle my dog in a gentle and professional manner.
I dropped her off at 1:20 and picked her up at 4:30. My dog was beautiful and happy. She did not tremble as she sometimes does after a professional grooming.
Deb used to work for a vet and has over 20 years of grooming experience, so n is no wonder that she does such a great job. The prices were very reasonable, especially since my dog is under 30 pounds. It was well worth the drive. It was a good experience and I will be back.



April 4, 2011

I have been having my dogs groomed for several years at a local shop, that never seemed to get it right, despite the high cost. I was referred to your place by a friend, and have now told all of my friends. The care that you gave my dogs was beyond professional. You made little Harvey, a rescue dog, who was a matted, filthy mess, into the most handsome little schnauzer. You and your husband treated our dogs as your own. It is so wonderful to meet people that are "crazy dog lovers", like myself. It was so apparent that you love what you do, because they were the best grooms we have ever gotten! See you in a few weeks- this time- we'll have Bo Bo with us:0)



February 10, 2011

This place is so awesome. First, they take appts 7 days a week and they were super professional and friendly with our two dogs. One of our dogs is particularly afraid of nail clippers and the hair dryer, but they were patient enough with him not to upset him too much. Some other places we've been our dog has tried to bite groomers who go too aggressively with either one. We've even been asked at some places not to come back because of that.

The service is fantastic and the prices a loooow. I was so surprised they groomed both our dogs, including a bath, blow dry, some trimming, furminator, and nail clip for about $45 a dog. That's around $25-30 less per dog than almost everywhere else we've been.

We will be back!!



January 30, 2011

Izzie and I absolutely love the way that Deb and Michael take care of her when she is with them. Deb does a great job grooming Izzie; when I pick Izzie up, she looks beautiful and smells great! I recommend Shear Elegance to everyone I know, I always keep shear elegance business cards in my purse and I pass them out when I am at the dog park or whenever I see someone that has a pet.



January 30, 2011

Shear Elegance has done a great job on both of my dogs. They are always friendly and excited to see my four legged kids when we get there. I would recommend them to anyone, not for just the fantastic job they do on my dogs, but also for the reasonable price they charge for the grooming. I paid just about the same for one dog at petco as I do with my two dogs with Shear Elegance. I would also like to thank Deb and Michael for closing their shop to help care for the animals on the days that Mn Snap is there to provide low cost spay and neuter to homeless animals :)



January 26, 2011

I have not had my cats groomed at this salon yet but plan to when they recover from their neutering surgery. I did, however, have the pleasure of talking with the owners and found them to be wonderful, kind people who truly have a passion for taking care of animals and providing these great services at very reasonable prices. After listening to their stories about their own adorable furry companions and listening to how much they truly care for animals and the people in the community I began to admire these people for what they do and their passion for community involvement, especially their partnership with MN SNAP. Sacrificing a day of business for low-cost spay/neutering for those who don't have the hundreds of dollars to spend on their pets is very admirable and is something that needs commending. I would like to recommend them to anyone who has a four-legged friend who needs a haircut or nails trimmed, because I can assure you that they will be in the best of hands.



January 10, 2011

Wow, Deb and Michael are fabulous! They bathed and gave a customized shear only haircut to my Silky-Poo. She looked terrific and was very relaxed when she came home. Shear Elegance is not just any other groomer, Deb is unique in her hard to find talent of Shear grooming at extremely competitive rates and hours of Service. She has 21 years of experience and is very knowledgeable. In my past grooming experiences my dog is done being groomed less than 45 minutes and sometimes leaves me wondering how they could do a complete job with my dog? Well, when I asked Deb how long until my dog would be ready she stated her average grooming time is between 2 in a half to three hours. I was stunned-but it was clear that my dog was pampered and her grooming was completed to perfection. From the precision of her cut to the overall perfection from head to toe and treatment. It starts with the attention of detail from genuinely listening to how I wanted to have her cut, the shampooing, conditioning treatment with top products with time allotted for my dog to rest from each step completing the finish look and Hollywood treatment.
My dog is a rescue from a puppy mill and has anxiety when she is put in an unfamiliar environment. When I picked her up she was extremely relaxed and comfortably exploring, I noted her behavior and Deb explained that she also specializes in animal massage. When Michael noticed that my dog was having anxiety he went on to explain and demonstrate how they massaged my dog to relax her! I tried on my dog when I got home and it worked- within minutes she was snoring. I am thrilled and blessed to found such caring, unique, and expert groomer. Deb and Michael are passionate not only for animals’ needs but the owners. If you are looking for the best of the best for your pet, you would be a fool not to go to Shear Elegance!



January 4, 2011

I have been using Shear Elegance since summer of 2010 and I will never go anywhere else. Deb really takes her time with Pixie and makes her feel comfortable - now when I say "we are going to see Deb!" Pixie runs to the door and can't wait to go! The lower prices are certainly appreciated but what keeps me coming back is the SERVICE. Deb does a fabulous job. She is patient, experienced, and most importantly she loves dogs and it shows. Pixie recently got a scissors cut which other salons have refused to do because she is young and doesn't sit still. I am here to tell you Pixie has never looked more beautiful, the cut was perfection and I couldn't be more pleased. I promise you will not be disappointed with Deb's services.
Thank you Deb!



October 14, 2010

Oh My Goodness!!! That is all I can say. We brought Fluffy into our home a month and a half ago, he was just furry and had extremely long hair and is all matted underneath. After looking for a groomer that was not just like working on an assembly line of puppies, we found Shear Elegance online. When I picked Fluffy up today, he literally looked like a different dog! I could even see his eyes again! I almost didn't recognize him! He looked amazing! Thank you Deb so much for making him look AMAZING!!!



September 7, 2010

I decided to try Shear Elegance after spending hundreds of dollars at a retail grooming salon. I have to say I am VERY pleased! Pepper looks fabulous! I could tell she was very comfortable with you and that means so much. You are great! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We'll be back soon!



August 17, 2010

Both my dog & I had a very positive experience at Shear Elegance. Debbie is so sweet & good with both dogs & people. I really appreciate her lower prices and the special attention. The environment was new & very clean & relaxing. At the other places my poor dog would be so anxious about me leaving him there but Debbie made him feel right at home & Max warmed up to her instantly. She has a way with animals and did an excellent job making my dog look & feel his best.



August 11, 2010

OMG, Deb is the BEST groomer in the world. She always welcomes you with open arms. When I drop off butterball I never look back because I know deb is gonna take really good care of him. I've been to plenty of different groomers but no one compares to deb...she is affordable.



August 5, 2010

The most professional and courteous groomers we have every dealt with. Did an excellent job on our dog. Would highly recommend to anyone!!! Most reasonable rates compared to what we used to pay at Petco, and Groomingdale in Eagan, MN. Saved at least $15.00 over those other 2 places listed.



August 3, 2010

You did a Great, Great job just for cutting her nails. I can not do it any better then you have and you are awesome.

Thank you for helping me out.



July 16, 2010

Love Shear Elegance Pet Grooming! Not only did I save money from my former groomer (La Pooch) prices, but Deb and Michael did an awesome job on my Pomeranian, Taz! Taz is very neurotic at best, but when I picked him up today he was so happy!!

Thank you Deb and Michael! Taz and I will be back soon!



July 15, 2010

Sophiedog is 11 yrs old and we have had her groomed in one place primarily, and not been that satisfied. The first time Deb cut her she was perfect, and she grew out perfect, too. But more than that, Sophie was having a problem with throwing up stomach bile at feeding time and then in bed at night after eating. Deb told us just what to try, and it worked!!! We haven't had one incident since then and it has been months. Thank you Deb for understanding dogs and their needs and helping us dog lovers.


July 6, 2010

Our LaChon (Bishon/Lhasa) was way overdue for a cut. I have a difficult time getting her into a groomer because no-one seems to be open nights or weekends - or they are all booked up into eternity on Saturdays. I met Deb at a community event on Friday and we got Snowy into see her on Saturday. Snowy is 19 months old and this was the first time we were asked how we wanted her to look. Snowy's cut took twice as long as the last groomer. She looked more than twice as good! Deb took her time and instead of just shaving her down in an assembly line fashion she washed and conditioned Snowy's hair. She did a great job dealing with Snowy's knots and only shaved her in a few spots. Snowy's tail has never looked this good! She also showed us how to brush our little dust mop and suggested a different type of collar to reduce the knots caused by her collar rubbing.



June 26, 2010

Hi Deb,

Mom and I had to check out your web site. WE LOVE IT---it's really cool---every dog should be as lucky as I am to have you take care of them. I was walking down the street last night, and the neighbors were saying, "Kasey, you got a hair cut. You look so handsome." Mom said, "Deb at Shear Elegance does such a good job of grooming Kasey." I think I look handsome too!

It was a pleasure to meet Michael--we liked him a lot. It's like being with family instead of an unfeeling business. It's very obvious you like what you are doing and good at it.

Thanks for taking such good care of me. See you soon.

Kasey & Mom


June 12, 2010


We would like to thank Deb and Michael for doing such a great job with Gizmo. Giz is very friendly, but quite large. She looks very comfortable with you and you show great care to the animals we have seen you with. Giz leaves your shop looking soft, beautiful and very content.

Animals can read people and we see that Giz likes and trusts you. You have gained a loyal customer in us and we will continue coming back to Shear Elegance. Your fees are very low compared to the others we have gone to. We highly recommend Shear Elegance and it is a pleasure dealing with your company.

See you next month for Giz's bath.

Bruce, Sandy & Gizmo

Deb is the BEST! She does a fantastic job with our little guy. Harley is normally a squiggly 8 pound Maltese. Deb is not only a talented groomer but she understands dogs, their needs, and temperaments. We have had the opportunity to watch her as Harley is getting his haircut and he is calm and enjoys every minute. Truly amazing! ...Deb and Michael have a genuine love for our four legged friends and it shows! We highly recommend Shear Elegance Pet will not be disappointed.

Cathy & Dick
P.S. Harley is looking forward to his next visit!



May 23, 2010

Thanks to Deb my dog looks great! She really knows her stuff. I would recommend her to everyone. Great Job!! Thanks

Puppy Lover


May 8, 2010

Deb groomed my dog and actually asked me what I wanted instead of telling me what I was going to get. She is very knowledgeable about grooming dogs as well as helpful hints for me and my dog. I will never take my dog anywhere else.

Thanks Deb for the great job on my dog, Thanks Deb you're the best.


"When a dog wags their tail and barks at the same time, how do you know which end to believe?"
"We would love to meet your furry friends!"

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